Citizen TV is a 20-25 minute live slot after each episode of How To Start Your Own Country, where The King directly addresses us, The Citizens.

3rd August AddressEdit

Stand out 'moments' include:

  • Rob, the first guy to say Hello on the Citizens Required website, rung in to say well done.
  • A phonecall by some nice lady suggesting a National Yes Day - Danny said (almost as if he'd been practicing it) "...And all my worlds collide..."
  • A phonecall from Rufus, a well known Joinee, who suggested that Britain wasn't so bad, after some prodding - and also suggested the tabloids might be blowing things out of proportion. Danny opted not to comment, so as not to affect next day's reviews.
  • Someone phoned in and suggested a flag that involved a bottle shaped like a worm, or something, tunnelling to 10 Downing Street.

10th August AddressEdit

Stand out 'moments' include:

  • Sir Banks and Sir Wag were live in the studio. There was a little playing of musical instruments and some singing.

17th August AddressEdit

Stand out 'moments' include:

  • Jon Bond, Minister of Defence was live in the studio. Promising to stay outside Danny's bedroom in case someone tries to shave off his eye-brows in the night, and suggesting turning off the power to Danny's Fridge in order to quell rebellion there, he also suggested that he wouldn't mind Martial Rule, were power would be handed to him in cases of emergency. He seemed less like a power-hungry war-monger when his mum rang up and promised to convert the summer house into an embassy for The Country. "Hi, mum..."
  • The Foreign Secretary rang in and got his site declared Official.
  • Lots of Citizens have sent in pictures of themselves, flags and their Embassies.

22nd August EmailEdit

An email reaches Fool HQ to ask if The King can mention this website on Citizen TV this coming Wednesday. Can he? CAN HE?

Well, okay then...