• Citizens: vacancy
  • What should our country be called: vacancy
  • General Chat: parkourpixie
  • Roles: vacancy
  • Security: Comrade Bowl
  • Economy: NationalPartyWhistlerStephenChauntler
  • Food and Drink:
  • Government: Comrade Bowl
  • New ideas: Suzkin
  • International Relations: Foreign Secretary, Foreign Office,
  • Animal: vacancy
  • Media, arts and culture:Minister of all things rocking! AmbassadorToEngland
  • Potential Queens: vacancy
  • Sports: proudcitizen
  • Environment:
  • Science and technology:
  • Territory: Comrade Bowl
  • Language: vacancy
  • Questions: Suzkin
  • Law and Order: Comrade Bowl
  • Kiosk: Ministerofthingsdon'tseemright

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