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John Bond

Yes!! John Bond, our very own defence minister, claims to have set up residence in the General Chat section! He is there answering peoples questions, and so far has completely burst the bubble about us claiming our own territory or moving to an island, claiming “As this country is a Cyber Country, we are never going to be based anywhere but in Danny's Flat, ending rumours of claiming territory or moving to an island.”

However, this intrepid reporter is slightly doubtful as to whether this really is Mr Bond, the main reason being that whenever Danny has referred to him before it is usually with the spelling Jon. Click onto this thread and make your own mind up peeps!

The 3 word story

Fancy reading a fantastic piece of collaborative fiction? How about taking part in writing one? Then look no further than the three word story! I’m not really sure how to some this up, the story has taken many twists and turns, but its really good fun to read! So go, have fun!

We are supposed to be a nice nation!

Feeling low, need a hug? Then this topic is definitely for you. Started by the very nice doctorcyberpoodle, this threadis shortly approaching its 1,500 birthday! There are lots of lovely nice people here waiting to be joined by other very lovely nice citizens.

Hobo’s Forum

The Hobo, one and only…aka The Legendary Hobo A forum for the citizen who requires more of a cultured conversation, the Hobo has been known to spout very moving and beautiful poetry on occasion, with smatterings of different languages littered throughout the thread it certainly keeps you on your toes! I definitely recommend a quick read if you’ve the time! There seems to be plenty of drinks, plenty of laughter and banter and plenty of hugs!

Pirates Wanted

Does exactly what it says on the tin! A meeting point and discussion forum for our countries own band of pirates! However, these pirates are not your usual lazy bunch of misfits, they have industriously worked themselves up to around 2,000 posts! They had a brief run-in with the CTU a few days ago and kidnapped one of their most prominent posters, Citizen Oki, ransoming him off in a bid to receive more rum, a plot which unfortunately failed. Gar maties, better luck next time!

However, scroll a bit further down and you’ll also find:

King Danny the 1st: Yes indeedy, our most beloved and fantastic ruler has started his own thread! Unfortunately his majesty doesn’t post very often (but obviously he is very busy!).

That’s all for now, I will keep reading and updating for you though! xx