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Jon Bond became my Minister of Defence when I decided to invade Eel Pie Island in West London. Although the irony of a Minister of Defence heading up an invasion force was not lost on Jon, he rose to the occasion in grand style. In his inimitable fashion he walked the fine line between shock and awe, and winning hearts and minds!

Before becoming my Minister of Defence, Jon was a security guard at Tesco’s in Preston, where he won three regional awards.

As a result of my decision to become allies with the British Army, Jon has been hard at work creating my country’s strategic military vision in line with the U.K’s:

Defending my country and its interests.

Strengthening international peace and stability.

Jon is still negotiating the addition of an extra paragraph stating:

Going to war occasionally when we don’t get our own way, or when we think there might be a commercial or political advantage and we know we can definitely win.

As with the UK’s Ministry of Defence, Jon is also in charge of funding my national weather forecasting service. Currently the weather reports are limited to Jon holding his finger in the air and declaring it is cold, warm or hot, and spending a lot of time staring at seaweed.

When not defending my new nation or planning to attack other nations, Jon Bond enjoys walking, running, shouting boo and then hiding very quickly. He is currently attending his local college retaking his LEVEL 4 - Improver 2 Swimming Certificate in preparation for our first military ‘war games’ on the high seas.

Good luck at the duck pond Jon!

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Jon Bond is also known as Joinee Bond, being one half of Join Me Security (originally being one whole of JMS), assigned to protect other Joinees at important functions. Again, this position was assigned to him because being a security guard at Tescos made him the best man for the job.