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First Things First...

This site is based around the Citizens who have been recruited by King Danny, on the back of the TV series How To Start Your Own Country, the website, or through actual physical persuasion (and/or pestering). If this doesn't include you, you might want to check that website, in order to understand what this website is about.

Thank you.

Still here?

Excellent. This site is set up to provide a handy database of who's who and what's what across the message boards of Citizens Required. It is a resource for Citizens, by Citizens. As such, therefore, there is nothing official on this site, although it will have links to Danny's official site (as well as to other, less official sites). There will information from such things as the TV series, to lists covering topics such as a name for the country, or a national dish, or a national animal. It will also go off at weird tangents because, lets face it, so do some Citizens.

This Wiki can be seen as a playground for Citizens to exercise their creative muscles, declare intentions and allegiances, or even to just tell the rest of the Country a little about themselves.

A quick guide to the various pages on the main official site can be found HERE.


The Golden Rule is a Simple Rule - If something isn't on this site, and you think it should be, ADD IT!

See Quick and Nasty Editing.

WIKI Contents

This site is split into the following categories, which are themselves split into smaller categories or will have other relevant links attached, and so on. The whole site has numerous cross-references from one category to another, but that's because it's all part of one big happy family.

For now, let's look at these key categories:

Related Material

These links are less to do with Citizens Required, and more to do with things that run on a parallel, that you might consider checking up on.

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