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We are surprised you mention our internet connectivity as you do; since 1999 we have had our own international backbone connected to the international internet network in several places; our PTT regulates its technical characteristics and it is the responsibility of staff here in the Bureau of Internal Affairs to ensure that those who provide information services via our national internet backbone do so lawfully.

We attach a copy of our World FactBook submission which we hope you find of interest, and thank you for your comments.

Chief of Bureau

Bureau of Internal Affairs Principality of Sealand SEALAND 1001 (c/o Sealand Post Bag, IP11 9SZ, UK)

Offices open 06-16 daily

  • Look in free energy devices- there is a company starting production of a free energy device which it is currently the only one to recieve a U.S Patent the company is called magnetic energy limited the device is called a motionless magnetic generator- an here's a link to a web site with some old plans and research for the device US Patent 6,362,718