Founder of this Wiki. Also of the sister Wiki, The Join Me Wiki.

Other (unofficial) roles in The Country are that of Agent of Propaganda (see (Im)propaganda) and Minister For Future Generations (though in working on this site I've been neglecting the littlun a bit).

In the real world I'm a graphic designer, a collector of tarot cards and strange games and, yes, a Joinee.

It's been said that calling myself The Fool is putting myself down. Don't be ridiculous - it's the other sort of Fool I'm named after, the care-free and happy kind.

Mission Statement of The Fool:

  • Be Nice - better the world one smile at a time...
  • Be Helpful - make another person's impossible slightly less so...
  • Be Ridiculous - don't take yourself, or others, too seriously...
  • Be Mysterious - go with whims and gut feelings, interpret tarot cards and dreams...

See also The Garden of Foolish Delights and Journey Of The Fool.

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