The Evolution of our National Dish - FLOAST!

by TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsTheRealPrimeMinister (Glories Candidate for Postmaster General), 22nd August 2005

Here is the (edited) conversation that took place on the Citizens Required "General Chat" Message Board about two weeks ago that led to the birth of a culinary sensation...

Title: National dish?

LordElements: "Any ideas?"

stevex35: "beans and sausages on toast"

AlbertHeijn - Ambassador and Minister of Supermarkets/Hypermarkets and all things retail: "What about the whole toast genre? We could have toast with anything we like then! Cheese, Marmite, Jam, Weasels, The list is endless.."

Ginger Tommy: "FLAN!"

stevex35: "excellent idea.......chicken and mushroom pot noodle on toast"

Ginger Tommy: "or BANOFFEE PIE!"

LordElements: "I certainly like the toast genre idea."

stevex35: "is that toaster toast...or grill toast.....?"

Ginger Tommy: "Ahhh yes toast, but you see think of the endless possibilities of flan, it can be sweet or savoury to suit all tastes, and don't you think it is a little more refined that toast. Don't get me wrong, i love toast, with a large portion of my heart devoted to the welfare of toast, however, flan is excellent, and what an excellent word it is too. There is no word that gives so much satisfaction, ahhh flan."

Skullhead_McShank: "Please consider toasties"

LordElements: "Would it be possible to somehow combine the two into some kind of delicious hybrid, or would it be regarded as a culinary abortion?"

stevex35: "ok....flan is good and a lovely word too....and toast has been the saviour of many a student i suggest we combine the two.....and new national dish of Floast!!!!"

Citizen-B: "I like the versatility of toast. It also goes down well for breakfast or teatime. How about Tea as the national drink?"

Ginger Tommy: "YES, FLOAST! WOW excellent! that has my vote, can we get banoffee pie in there somewhere? or is that taking it too far? i sincerely apologise if that was a step over the line, but i am really, VERY excited about floast. It is almost a good a word as flan."

And the rest, as they say, is history...

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