The motley crew, in alphabetical order. Here is The Guardian Angel - Citizens by Department.

  • Comrade Bowl (Law & Order, Politics, Security, Government, Territory)
  • Festivalqueen (Photographer)
  • Fool (Web/Wiki-Designer & Support, & Saviour)
  • Ginger Tommy (Floast)
  • Helenrosamund (Film Reviews)
  • Lozz_ChiefOfAirStaff&HeadOfBorderDefence_AmbassadorToEngland (Car reviews)
  • Ministerofthingsdon'tseemright (Kiosk, Photographer)
  • Minister of all things rocking! (Media, Arts and Culture)
  • Namesy76 (Eating Out reviews)
  • NationalPartyWhistlerStephenChauntler (Economy)
  • Newcitizen (Proof-reader)
  • Piratepixie (General Chat, Adverts and Admin., Proof-reader)
  • Professor Graphias joint head of CTU Black Ops (University Correspondent)
  • Proudcitizen (Sport)
  • Sane Alex (Environment)
  • Saint Duke Lieutenant Dan of DTACC, OFFICIAL ambassador of Australia, ZOMBIE MOLE (General Correspondent)
  • Suzkin (New Ideas, Questions, Sub-Editor)
  • The_cutler(MinisterofSmallPursuits) ('Sentence of the Week')
  • TickleMeEmo (General Assistant)

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