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King Danny the First, otherwise known as Danny Wallace, was a man on a mission. Inspired by stories of Sealand, a separate state located in international waters, yet consisting of little more than an abandoned rig, he set about creating his own country.

Danny was posed with the problem of an official title, and eventually settled on King.

Danny has previously attempted a similar 'project', gathering people to follow him, though not as Citizens. Instead, one day, when bored, he simply put an advert in a paper, inviting people to 'Join Me'. However, this current project seems to have a lot more thought put into it, and is better planned, since the people of Lovely are amazing.

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How to spot The KingEdit

The King can be identified by the following features.

  • Black Rimmed Glasses - Showing his Britpop-Mod roots, the dark rimmed glasses are a sure give away. Unless he's wearing contact lenses, this face furniture is a good way of spotting The King, so learn to recognise them.
  • Big Eyebrows - Very Kingly looking, these large furry objects stop sweat from running into his eyes.
  • Parka - Not particularly helpful in hot weather, this method of identification will allow you to do a long range scan for your king. The Parka has a shiny green surface and furry hood.
  • Asymmetric Hair - Fashionable amongst world leaders, Kings, Premieres and Presidents alike.

How NOT to spot The KingEdit

  • By believing your own self importance is greater than that of others around you. Stay Lovely, and all is well.

Letters From The KingEdit

Emails sent from Danny on a mailing list to his loyal subjects:

(a couple of others, reminders to watch the TV show, not yet added)

Interviews With The KingEdit

Interviews to go here, as and when they're discovered online:


External LinksEdit

Also - click here and navigate the Acrobat file to page 4, to find out more about Danny's project. And a brief summary of episode one here.