From: Danny Wallace <>

To: My New Citizen

Subject: Citizens RequiredEdit

Hello there!

It's me! King Danny!

I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to tell you that things are going very well on the country front...

But I STILL haven't found the right name...

Someone suggested 'Alternation' (in which every Citizen would be an 'Alter-native'), which I really liked. Someone else suggested 'Walland', which I suppose is a bit like Holland, and is therefore a good thing. More than a few of you suggested 'Colin'.

But I'm still searching...

Any ideas?

More news soon... including when you can expect to see the proper Citizens Required website up and running... it's looking *really* good...

Plus! I'll be starting my very own State Broadcasting in a matter of mere weeks... six, live ten minute shows that I'll really need you to be involved in, if you're up for it...!

Yours, as ever...

King Danny (the first)

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